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Mini Mini Christmas Box


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Product Description

A package of all the small little Italian things to make for a nice gift for your employees, friends and family.  Airline approved (all liquids 100ml or less).

1 x Balsamic Vinegar Giuseppe Giusti – 50ml
1 x Black Pepper Sarawak – 16gr
1 x Cherry tomato Jam – 100g
1 x Hazelnut Pralines Roscioli – 100gr
1 x Apricot Jam Vulcano – 40 gr
1 x Blackberry Jam Vulcano – 40 gr
1 x Peach Jam Vulcano – 40 gr
1 x Biscotti di Prato Cantucci Antonio Mattei – 125 gr
1 x Sea salt flakes Maldon – 20gr
1 x Tuna Campisi – 100gr
1 x Mini panettone Roscioli – 80 gr
1 x EVO White Truffle oil – 55ml