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Barolo & Parmigiano


Barolo and Parmigiano Reggiano:
a great wine and food pairing

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Product Description

Every box contains:

  • 1 x Bottle of Barolo Ciabot Tanasio 2013, Sobrero
  • 1 x 250gr Parmigiano Reggiano red Cows 36 months
  • 1 x Nice gift box Roscioli

Roscioli has a selection of more than 450 different kind of cheeses, 250 cured meats and 3000 labels of wines. In the last 10 years we’ve been trying all possible combinations (what a hard job). Barolo and Parmigiano is one of our favorite. Specially with a persistant, mineral and fruity Barolo like Sobrero and a superb Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cows 36 months. It is like a dance where the cheese stays in center part of the palate and the Barolo dance around it with velvety tannins and crispy minerality.






Instruction sheet

1)    Open the box carefully and put the Barolo in vertical position and the Parmigiano Reggiano in the fridge.

2)    Keep the Barolo locked in a cold room (62-65 F.) for 2-3days. It has to relax after a stressing trip, you have to resist not drinking it.

3)    In these 3 days do not drink Coke, Zinfandel, Malbec, Merlot and Napa Valley wines (if you are able to stop drinking them for ever it’s even better)

4)    3 days are gone now (better a week, if you can resist) and you can organize yourself for the tasting. Find a companion, your husband/wife, your lover or your best friend. If you’re alone because your wife/husband left you for a Napa Valley wine maker, it’s even better (all the bottle for you).

5)    Open the bottle of wine and leave it of 1-2hours (do not decant it!)

6)    Set up your tasting with a wood choopping board, a knife and two ISO glasses like this one:

iso glass

7)    Take out the Parmigian

o from the fridge and from the vacuum. After 5 minutes smell it intensly and prepare your senses to the tasting.

8)    Light up a candle and call your girl-boyfriend, husband-wife. Pour some wine (1/5 of a full glass) and tost silently, without comments.

9)    If there is a fireplace look at the golden flames and look at the eyes of your partner. Smell the wine without drinking it and smile to your partner. Tell him/her, just with your glance, that you love him/her and everything else around you, the wine, the cheese, the fireplace.

10) Close your eyes and drink a small sip of the wine. Sense the mineral, the balsamic, the small red fruits, the violet and whatever you are wishing to sense.

11) Now, cut 2 cubes of an inch of Parmigiano Reggiano Red Cows 48 months. Smeel it intensly and close your eyes. Now you’re lighthearted walking in a wheat field in  nice summer day, red cows are  peacefully pasture all around. You can see the towers of a middle age castel upon the line of the horizon.

12) Taste the Parmigiano and dream of an ancient time gone of farmers, knights, poets and painters. If you start to speak Italian, it is absolutely normal.

13) Take a sip of Barolo and start to dance: with your mind, your palate, your senses. The Parmigiano will coat the center part of your palate with cristals of salt, buttery and herbs flavors while the wine will surround the cheese like in a renaissance dance. Both dancers are facing each others like a prince with a princess in a sensual and elegant seductive ritual.

14)   Repeat the experience until the end of the bottle and the cheese .

15)   Now you’re ready for: love, sex, poems, painting, creation, religion, nirvana or simply celebration of a unique and memorable Christmas

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